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Navigate the realm of self-sovereign identity seamlessly with a no-code platform designed for effortless credential workflows

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Not just for developers

Credentials without code

A simpler way of doing things

Introducing blocktrust workflow platform, the upcomming platform for streamlining self-sovereign identity (SSI) workflows. Built for developers, businesses, and innovators alike, the workflow platform is going to be a comprehensive no-code solution designed to eliminate the complexity typically associated with SSI integration. Our platform's mission is to propel the widespread adoption of SSI, paving the way for a more secure, decentralized digital world.

Using the workflow platform, you can effortlessly set up and modify workflows for issuing and validating credentials. Our user-friendly interface lets you arrange the triggers, actions, and outputs to fit your unique requirements, eliminating the need to wrestle with complex code related to SSI. Whether you need to issue a credential upon form completion, verify a user's identity through KYC, or create a seamless sign-in process, the workflow platform offers an easy and intuitive way to make it happen.

If this then that

At the heart of the workflow platform lies the "If this, then that" principle, providing you with a flexible platform that caters to your specific needs. You can easily design workflows based on this principle, enhancing efficiency, and simplifying the process of integrating SSI into your project.

The workflow platform is going to be open-source and built on industry-standard frameworks, ensuring that you can make the most of the latest technologies without having to worry about proprietary lock-ins or retrieval constraints. Our solution is compatible with multiple operating systems and can be hosted on your preferred environment, providing you with the flexibility and freedom you need to steer your project in the direction you desire.

The technology

Built on the robust .NET framework and coded in C#, blocktrust guarantees a reliable and secure environment for your SSI workflows. The platform's architecture allows for it to be easily hosted on a multitude of operating systems including Windows, Linux, and macOS. To ensure seamless deployment, Blocktrust comes as a Docker image, encapsulating both the application and a PostgreSQL database. This makes it easier for users to run the platform in any preferred hosting environment, whether it be locally or in the cloud.


Milestones for the blocktrust workflow platform

Catylst proposal

A catalyst proposal has been created to fund the development of the product

Inital development

The development of hopefully will start after funding in March 2024

Projected launch

The launch of the first verion of the workflow platform is projected to be in November 2024