Unlock the Power of DIDComm v2: Seamless and Secure Messaging with the blocktrust Mediator.

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Connecting the DIDs

DIDComm v2 Messaging

Introducing Blocktrust Mediator, your trusted partner in the world of DIDComm v2 messaging. Designed with a focus on secure communication and ease of use, our product is the cornerstone of your digital identity management, enabling swift and secure transfer of messages and credentials across different wallets.

Built on the innovative DIDComm v2 protocol, Blocktrust Mediator facilitates the secure transmission of various types of data, ranging from simple text messages and files to Verifiable Credentials, straight from one wallet to another. The technology mirrors the utility of an email server but takes security to another level by leveraging Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).

Essential Digital Bridge

Acting as your digital bridge, Blocktrust Mediator ensures your identity wallet communicates seamlessly and securely using DIDComm protocols. It's akin to your own private post office, handling your digital mail with utmost care and precision.

Developed in C# and seamlessly integrated into the .NET ecosystem, the Mediator supports a wide range of protocols and extensions, including Out-of-Band Messages 2.0, Routing Protocol 2.0, Mediator Coordination Protocol 2.0, and more. We aim to provide robust functionality while maintaining an interface that's accessible and intuitive.


While Blocktrust Mediator is still in a proof-of-concept phase, our team is committed to transitioning into a production-ready tool that delivers value at scale. Our focus includes refining the code, developing useful solutions for when things go wrong, and enhancing the functionality of the mediator, such as providing a UI for tracking stored messages and enabling WebSocket connections for real-time updates.

Lastly, but most importantly, Blocktrust Mediator is developed and reviewed in an open-source manner, ensuring transparency and inviting innovation. Check out our codebase and join us in the journey of making DIDComm v2 accessible to all.

The goal of our proposal is to offer a Mediator that can be set up simply, whether on your server or in the cloud. With Blocktrust Mediator, embrace the future of secure messaging today.


Milestones for the blocktrust Mediator

Inital development

The development of the inital version is completed and is available to be used as a proof of concept.

Catylst proposal

A catalyst proposal has been created to fund the development of a production ready version of the product

Projected launch

The launch of the first production-ready version of the Mediator is projected to be in June 2024. The Mediator will be fully open source and can be hosted by anyone