Building identity solutions on top of Atala PRISM.

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Our mission

Identity solutions
for Cardano

With Atala PRISM, IOG has created a technical platform in the SSI ecosystem on which we can create DIDs and issue credentials. Certifications of achievements, verification of identities, endorsements, reviews and much more. We are building technical solutions to store these credentials, display them, as well as tools to better understand them. We are also providing essential PRISM infrastructure like a DIDComm Mediator service as well as our own PRISM Node implementation.

Identity wallet

A browser extension wallet to manage, issue and share credentials from within the browser. Making credentials and DIDs available in the browser and enabling interaction with websites is essential to the future growth of PRISM. Just as Metamask pioneered the crypto wallet, we need an identity wallet for SSI. We may just be part of that revolution. More details

Analytics platform

As the adoption of Atala PRISM accelerates, so does the need to understand how the network is growing. Who is using it? And how is it being utilized? The blocktrust analytics platform tries to answer these questions. But in particular, we want to understand trust chains. How does trust propagate? How does trust build from the bottom up? We provide the tools to answer these questions. More details

Credential builder

Easily create DIDs, connect to wallets, and issue Verifiable Credentials using the Blocktrust Credential Builder. The Credential Builder is a user interface layered over a PRISM agent, which can be either hosted by IOG or run on your own system. Instead of using the REST endpoint to perform common actions, utilize the user interface of the Credential Builder. Since it operates directly in the browser, there's no need to worry about leaking API keys. More details

DIDComm Mediator

Blocktrust Mediator is your trustworthy ally in DIDComm v2 messaging, simplifying secure communication and digital identity management. As your personal, digital post office, it securely transfers a range of data types, utilizing Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) for heightened security. Built as an open-source tool integrated with the .NET ecosystem, Blocktrust Mediator paves the way for the next era of secure messaging. More details

Web credentials

Many types of credentials don't become truly powerful until they are publicly accessible. When we think of SSI, we think first of privacy, of independent control over one's credentials—but this is only part of the equation. Endorsements and reviews only get their benefits from the fact that anyone can see and verify them. bocktrust web credentials" is all about making these credentials visible. It provides a toolkit to embed credentials on web pages and make them verifiable for third parties with just one click. More details

Workflow platform

Introducing the Blocktrust Workflow Platform, an upcoming no-code solution designed to streamline Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) workflows for developers, businesses, and innovators. With an intuitive user-friendly interface, this platform enables easy setup and modification of workflows for issuing and validating credentials, adhering to the "If this, then that" principle. More details


We are building solutions on top of Atala PRISM using our own .net implementation of the SDK.

Our strength and passion has always been the development of tools and business solutions in the field of identity. Moving to SSI on Atala PRISM was a logical progression for us, given the future trends and opportunities that this would bring. Another cornerstone of our development has always been the Microsoft Azure Cloud. With dozens of projects using a wide variety of services, this is a core competency for us to develop secure, robust and cloud native applications and services.

Our team

We are yet a small team, but hoping to grow with the emerging interest around SSI. We love good tools and are passionate about developing those for PRISM and the Cardano ecosystem in general.
You are a .net developer and to also get onboard? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are open to any kind to collaboration:


Björn Sandmann

Lead Developer

9+ years of full-stack development with the .net. Focused on identity and privacy solutions. PRISM Pioneer, Atala ASTRO, Plutus Pioneer, funded proposer on Project Catalyst.


Ed Eykholt

Wallet Product Lead

Over 5 years’ experience with blockchain applications. Proficient in SSI, decentralization, and systems thinking. Experienced .Net Developer. Member of Atala ASTROs and EMURGO Learners.