credential builder

An web-based UI based on Atala PRISM hosted agents for easy experimentation

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Easily create DIDs, connect to wallets, and issue Verifiable Credentials using the Blocktrust Credential Builder. The Credential Builder is a user interface built on top of a PRISM agent, which can either be hosted by IOG or run on your own system. Instead of using the REST endpoint to perform common actions, take advantage of the user interface of the Credential Builder. It enables straightforward setup of multiple agents side by side and facilitates common SSI interaction patterns, such as credential issuing from one agent to another.

The UI is a single-page application (SPA) that runs exclusively in the browser, without any backend. This setup allows users to enter their API keys into the interface without risk of leakage. The application communicates with the endpoints of the respective agent using the current API definition, which can be found here.

The basic functionalities include the Creation of local DIDs on the agent, as well as publishing DIDs on the blockchain (only applicable for IOG hosted agents at the moment). To connect multiple agents or even external wallets (like the blocktrust identity wallet), you are able to create a PRISM connect connection using the Out-of-band protocol through QR codes.

The basic Credential Issuing and Presentation Proof workflows are also supported and easily simulated by having two or more agents side by side. Of course these pattern are also fully compatible with the blocktrust identity wallet. Feel free to check out the live demo here



Upcomming milestones


The inital version of the Credential Builder went live

Presentation at IIW

Showcasing the Credential Builder at the Internet Identity Workshop showing the interopability scenarios between Atala PRISM and the blocktrust wallet

Finishing the project

The product was shipped in August 2023 and allows anyone to connect to a PRISM agent through a versatile UI