analytics platform

An open web-based analytics tool for Atala PRISM. Get insights how DIDs are connected and who drives growth on the platform.

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A network of DIDs

tracing the trust

The Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) movement is gaining momentum

New projects, integrations, and businesses are starting to emerge to leverage Atala PRISM. Most prominently, it is IOG itself, which is collaborating with the Ministry of Education in Ethiopia to get students all over the country onboarded onto Atala PRISM. The US network provider DISH is in the process of rolling out their customer loyalty program based on PRISM, World Mobile is using DIDs in their network infrastructure and many other projects (in and outside of Catalyst) are on the verge of using PRISM in production – so the statements read.

But what’s happening behind the curtain? How many DIDs are there on the Blockchain? Does it really get used? What are the trust relationships between entities?

The blocktrust analytics tool

With blocktrust analytics, we present a web-based analysis tool that can be used to answer the above questions. The tool is divided into three main sections:

The statistical overview, with already prepared live generated reports, to get an overview of the actual usage of PRISM.

An analysis area to get to the bottom of certain specific questions that are relevant for individual users, companies, developers. E.g.: How many credentials were issued by this DID? How many DIDs associated with this DID show engagement in the last 30 days?

A graph view to perform dedicated analysis and investigate trust chains in complex networks.

The capabilities

First of all blocktrust analytics is a public website that displays the most important statistical information of all PRISM-related operations from the testnet/mainnet in real-time. It also provides the ability to quickly search for DIDs to get an overview over the publicly available information. Additionally, there is a secure private area (login with DID: already implemented by us as a proof of concept -> blocktrust identity wallet). Here the user is able to specify multiple set of DIDs, import VCs and manage and execute more complex queries. This private area is subdivided into:

an area for statistical information on the given sets of DIDs and a timeline of the DIDs/VCs that are being analyzed. As well as engagement metrics, usage, etc.

A graph view to examine individual trust chains.

Graph view

The graph-view allows to get a holistic view of the network using information available on the blockchain (DIDs) and imported information (Verifiable Credentials and Trust-Registries). This allows deep analysis of the behavior of entities as well as ensuring the integrity of trust chains.

Click to enlarge: graph-view of a selected trust-chain for analysis


Blocktrust analytics is based on our own development of a .net SDK for Atala PRISM. It is functionally equivalent to the official PRISM SDK and allows us to cover all essential aspects of PRISM, from cryptographic functions to gRPC communications. At the same time, it can be used on the web (through the use of web assembly), as well as on all major platforms (Windows, Linux, Android and iOS).

Explore our demo here

The application consists of the following parts:

  • Blocktrust Connector: .net Application running on Linux as a service to extract all PRISM related information from PostgreSQL DB(-> db-snyc). Decode and verify them and send them to a graph-based Cosmos DB instance (Azure).
  • Different Azure Services, including the before mentioned Cosmos DB, as well as a scheduled application running Gremlin queries against the graph database to extract statistical information, about the state of PRISM (usage, number DIDs/VC). Redis Cache to store frequent historical queries.
  • Web-API based application backend behind an API-Management (for rate limiting), so serve the different kinds of personalized queries from the frontend. Allow import of VC into the graph and maintain separation of user-accounts with their respected DIDs and imported VCs.
  • Blazor / Typescript-based frontend

Click to enlarge: architectural overview over Atala PRISM and blocktrust analytics


Upcomming milestones for the analytics platform

Catalyst proposal

A catalyst proposal in under way to fund the development of the analysis platform.

PoC completed

A POC is completed to demonstrate basic capabilites and ensure that the project is technical feasiable

Update for PRISM v2 completed

The Analytics platform now shows the PRISM transactions not only for the PRISM v1 but also v2

Supporting more than just PRISM

The project is expanding its initial scope to be not just bound to the Cardano VDR for its DID/VC analytics capabilites. But the core of the project remains the same: Insights into PRISM on the Cardano blockchain.

Projected launch

The launch of the analysis platform is projected to be in April 2024. The tool will then not only allow anyone to get statistical data on the usage of PRISM on Cardano, but also graph-based in-depth analysis tools to better understand trust-chains and the relationships between DIDs and VCs in general.