identity wallet

The first browser-based wallet for your digital identity on the Cardano blockchain. Powered by Atala PRISM.

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Manage your DIDs and credentials in one place

The blocktrust identity wallet allows you to create multiple DIDs, manage them and switch them according to your needs. The DIDS can be restored, exported and also used in other wallets. A contact book furthermore allows to create new contacts, to import them and to exchange one's own digital address.

Issue, receive and revoke credentials

It is possible to issue credentials in the wallet and to follow up on which person you have issued which credential and when. Of course, you can also revoke them. At the same time, you are able to manage your credentials in the wallet, share them with others and of course export and backup them. Like the DIDs, the credentials can be easily moved from one wallet to another.

Verify credentials

Credentials are only worth something if they are genuine. The wallet allows you to check not only the status of your own received credentials, but also any other. Don't trust – verify!

Connect to PRISM-enabled websites

As a web extension wallet, the main functionality is the interaction with websites. The wallet enables easy login based on PRISM-enabled sites as well as countersigning of incoming credentials (e.g. for an endorsement or review on a website). Additionally, it is possible to prove to another websites that one controls a particular DID.

Stay encrypted - stay save

In the background, the entire wallet is encrypted at all times, making it impossible for anyone to access your credentials.

screenshot: identity wallet browser-extension alpha release

See the demo (July 2023)

Peer-to-Peer chat

A short video demonstrating the Chat feature of the blocktrust identity wallet and some reasons why DIDComm based chat might be more powerful and secure than the usual applications we use on a day-to-day basis.

with DIDs

Quick demonstration of the Sign-In feature of the blocktrust identity wallet based on PRISM onboard & authenticate, the PRISM feature for secure PeerDID based authentication with a website.


Blocktrust identity wallet is based on our own development of a .net SDK for Atala PRISM. It is functionally equivalent to the official PRISM SDK and allows us to build us a wallet for the web as well as for mobile all with the identical codebase.

The blocktrust identity wallet is a Blazor WebAssembly application written in C# and based on the .net SDK for Atala PRISM. The C# code thus not only runs as a WebApp, but is also converted into a browser extension. The wallet stores all keys and credentials encrypted on the user's machine and connects to the Atala PRISM Node to have the signed operations written to the blockchain. The following diagram shows the main relationships between PRISM and the blocktrust wallet:

Click to enlarge: architectural overview over the identity wallet


Planned next steps for the identity wallet

Proof of concept is completed

We completed a working demo of the identity wallet to show how the browser-wallet would look like and that there are no technical hurdles which would us prevent from delivering a browser-extension wallet in time. It also gives a glimpse into the possibilities of what can be done with the website integration of such a wallet.

Finalization of alpha-verion

The Catalyst proposal from Fund9 was funded and the work is completed in the Summer of 2023.